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Evans Adrian International Holdings -Evans Adrian International Holdings



Mint Capital is a creative business development and private equity firm which helps businesses realize their growth potential.

It’s role in the EAI Family is to help build businesses and work with existing infrastructures to build equity, increase profits, and grow business through creative initiatives that breaks the mold of traditional firms.


Nouveau Visual Arts is a full service business-to-business agency that actively collaborates with brands in the fashion industry to execute commercial print production needs. With a full sized production facility with state of the art equipment NVA is capable of executing any sized project in record times. We own all of the equipment and monitor all production, there is no need for the middle man.

In addition to working with commercial interests, Nouveau Visual Arts offers heavily reduced rates to artists and start-ups for their printing needs, through our shared-cost program. Artists are free to use our reduced rates if used for promotional purposes of exhibitions, creative and professional development.

Nouveau Visual Arts is also proud to boast its commitment to the environment. All of our products are FSC and our facilities are based on the strict  guidelines of Certified Renewable Energy and we’re Green Seal Certified.

Nouveau Visual Arts




We’ve seen a lot of changes in six short years. We’re growing each day!


Founded in 2008 Evans Adrian International becomes a world class publishing house offering handcrafted books and custom editions. While the market was small, EAI’s portfolio grew quickly. Their expertise in the field of printmaking, publication design and publishing makes headway in the creative realm. EAI announces our first Trademark, PURBOOK® representing the highest quality standard in creative publications.


EAI branches off to create its first subsidiary: Nouveau Visual Arts (NVA) which offers business-to-business solutions in creative publications and custom print projects. Nouveau Visual Arts actively collaborated with fashion houses and support staff to execute the vision clients were looking for. EAI purchases into an existing large scale offset print facility in Toronto, On. to allow NVA to expand production capacity.


NVA streamlines it’s growth potential on offering world class commercial printing services full time. EAI officially makes the transition into a Holding company. Focusing on larger projects, EAI launches Mint Capital, a capital investment and business development firm aimed at the specific knowledge EAI and its subsidiaries offers. A full scale Grant program is put in place to contribute to the creative growth in Montreal.


Today, Evans Adrian International through its subsidiaries, provides a wide array of solutions to clients with specific needs in the creative realm. With a strong focus on intellectual property, management and business development, clients are offered products or services in the field of finance, printing, publishing and creative platforms to meet their specific needs.



Do you have a product or trademark which you believe fits within our company mission? Contact us today for more information about implementing your idea with us. We are actively seeking to add more quality trademarks to our repertoire, and we would love to hear from you.


EVANS ADRIAN INTERNATIONAL has built its reputation through its trademark quality and creativity. We only license our trademarks for use with goods and services which meet our standards for ethical business practices and which complement each particular trademark.

Are you a not-for-profit organization looking to bring a new level of quality or recognition to your efforts? Do you believe that your organization is in line with our trademarks? Find out how you can obtain a license to use our trademarks, free of charge, today.

Contact Us


We are dedicated to offering third party, independent research into topics specifically relating to the dichotomy between the creative and commercial realm, as well as issues pertaining to copyright, appropriation and fair use.  A high standard of professional integrity is at the core of each and every independent study and reflects on all aspects of EAI, including our subsidies and trademarks.

Periodically, Evans Adrian International conducts market research into these fields in order to better understand current markets, trends and demands. The information collected is then shared publicly in various forms: publications, articles and online. For more information on our research and a complete selection of our publications please contact us.

Internship Ethics

We Want Your 2¢

EAI is currently researching the underlying ethics and labor laws regarding unpaid internships. Would like to contribute to our research with a story or share an experience regarding an internship? Was your (unpaid) internship vital to your professional development or did it hinder it? We’re looking for your help. Our White Paper will be used in collaboration with Canadian and Provincial Members of Parliament to aid in clarifying future labor laws in Canada.

Deadline has been extended to March 30th, 2015- contact us now!

Unpaid Internships


EVANS ADRIAN INTERNATIONAL is a forward-thinking, socially responsible enterprise aimed at redefining the way the Fine Arts are integrated into commercial initiatives— whether it be through advertising, work environments, or community engagement. We reach out to the creative community in the Greater Montreal region, helping Canadian artists find a voice in a commercial world.

We also believe that personal artistic development is one of the keys to a successful professional life. We are committed to improving the creative and artistic communities in the Montreal region through various grants targeted at realizing the potential of today’s young artists. Our tiered grant program offers artists aged 13-30 the opportunity to fund a project and develop refined professional skills beyond their ordinary pool of resources.

Foundational Grant— Ages 13-16

For young artists, our foundational grant programme develops critical thinking skills while funding new supplies. Professional creative support will combine with financial backing to accelerate the transition from young artist to professional artist.

The grantee will be given a personal tour of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal. As proud supporters of the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, we seek to help young artists understand contemporary and traditional art forms.

Transitional Grant— Ages 16-18

As with our foundational grant, our Transitional Grant supports ongoing education and professional development as young artists begin to focus their field of study in a particular discipline.

Artists aged sixteen to eighteen looking to fund specific projects and develop professional skills are welcomed to apply for our Transitional Grant. We have allocated $250 of funding per accepted candidate for supplies aiding in the creation of new works. We also include a personal tour of Concordia University’s Fine Arts studios and a lunch meeting with an established professional artist or professor in Concordia’s Department of Fine Arts.

Professional Grant— Ages 18-30

The Young Professional Artist Grant is tailored to fund projects outside of young professionals’ usual financial means. With up to $500 available, artists are encouraged to explore larger scale works and actively seek solo or group exhibitions.

Artists at this stage should have developed a familiarity with business-oriented communication. Artists are expected to provide a detailed project description, budget, and projected timeline for the completed work(s).



Seminars & Lectures


Fine Art X Advertising

Advertising and the commercialization of art is greatly misunderstood in the realm of the Fine Arts, however with the proper historical background and a firm understanding of the principals of implementing creative and contemporary work in the commercial world, one can see that the two mediums of disseminating a message are vastly intertwined.

This lecture explores the history of contemporary art in marketing and advertising environments. Starting with the history of product placement and evolving into creative contemporary advertising campaigns that adopt practice and aesthetics, mediums and messages of contemporary art, Evans Adrian explores key principles in making contemporary art thrive in a 21st century marketplace in its own and vastly unnoticed economy.

Portfolio Seminar

Portfolio Development

Creating a solid portfolio encompasses much more than the content within. Targeting specific markets, jobs, career paths requires more than an assemblage of design or art. Compiling a portfolio is a mixture of strategy, knowing your personal skills and what career path you want to go on.

Have us join your group or classroom and learn what industry leaders are looking for when it comes to selecting candidates with our intensive ninety minute seminar on portfolio development.


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J7V 9Z1 Canada

Tel: + 1 514.243.2883
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General: info@evansadrian.com
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